Leaking genders: body and menstruation in the field in ethnological work

Presentation during the second session of Encounters in the Labyrinth, with the theme “Researching with those who do research” Encounters in the Labyrinth is an initiative of the Socioanthropological Studies Laboratory on Life Technologies (Labyrinth) of the State University of Campinas (Unicamp). Available only in Portuguese.

Red Portal

Ethnographic experiment / Digital collage made in partnership with anthropologist Janaina Moraes based on reports of menstruation during fieldwork. Work done in 2021.

Kaleidoscope or Bloody Trap

As part of my doctoral research, I have been experimenting with my own menstrual blood. What I investigate is the aesthetic / erotic dimension of knowledge production, and how we can think together with what is normally hidden, what Bruno Latour calls the purification process of scientific making. So I chose to work with the … Read moreKaleidoscope or Bloody Trap

New Moon

Visual essay produced from an experiment using my menstrual blood translated from a microscope built by my friends and I that uses a cell phone camera aplied with a laser pointer lens. This relationship came about thanks to my master’s research, ethnographing the encounter between hacker practices and scientific practice, thinking of it as tactics … Read moreNew Moon