My Antidote and My Poison

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Portal. Open sea. Prison. Antidote. Poison. Since 2020, with the COVID-19 pandemic, we have experienced the accelerated expansion of digital life and the remodulations of time and space that came with it. Made from the affections provoked by the entanglement between everyday life and the digital environment, Meu Antidoto e Meu Veneno [My Antidote and My Poison] is the result of a collective ethnographic research developed together with a group composed of six peripheral youth, mostly indigenous youth. After an investigation about the body, internet and cell phone, based on interviews with friends and family made by Whatsapp, we analyzed our collection of reports. What emerged was a shattering awareness of the contradiction in which we are immersed, as well as the inequalities experienced on the margins. Through the material produced during the research, we set up this collage-film-labyrinth, which travels through hyperlinked paths between anxieties, desires, fears and nostalgia.

Film financed through a Tactical Tech grant.
This production was selected for the John Monteiro Anthropology Journey Ethnographic Film Exhibition – November, 2021.

Ficha técnica [Production credits]

Realizado por [Produced by]:
Caio Carvalho
Clarissa Reche
Janaina Moraes
Juan Carvalho
Luara Angélica
Marru Zl
Rafa Kaje

Desenhos [Drawings]: Francisco Chico (Jalala)
Animações [Animations]: Carol Watts
Trilha [Soundtrack]: Accela a granel

Apoio [Supported by]: Coletivo Sanga, Tactical Tech

August, 2021.